Brazen millionaire uses double yellows as ‘VIP spots’ and racks up 100s of fines

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    A young millionaire has bragged that he uses double-yellow lines in central London as 'VIP parking spots' after racking up over 100 fines in the past year.

    Luke Desmaris, 27, claims he's paid more than £7,000 in parking fines but can afford to do so as he earns over £100,000 every month on the stock market.

    Footage of Luke from September shows him strolling from Harrods towards his £90,000 BMW M4, which has yellow fixed penalty notices (FPNs) on the windscreen.

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    A voiceover explains: "Broke people see a fine, but I see VIP parking."

    The video has racked up millions of views online, with people split over whether he deserves a tougher fine than London's £65 FPNs, or if he has discovered a "life hack".

    The sixth-form dropout from Chelmsford, Essex, who claims to own a £1.5million home, said: "I see it as saving my time and my time is valuable.

    "It means I'm able to go home quicker to get back to trading. That's my logic behind it.

    "I'll do it when I go shopping, especially in London. I'll just park it outside because It can be a nightmare to park otherwise.

    "I started by getting a few here and there and ever since I started doing well, it doesn't matter. Money doesn't matter."

    Addressing those who have criticised him, Luke continued: "I'll do what I want. I'm not inconveniencing anyone. If it's not causing anyone harm, then I'll do it.

    "People have a lot to say online and run their mouths but in person it's different. At the end of the day, I don't care.

    "[On the day of the video] pretty much everyone had a ticket on that street. When I went to Harrods afterwards there were loads of people with tickets there. People just think 'why not?'."

    Luke has a sizable social media presence (boasting more than 85,000 followers on TikTok) and runs an online course teaching people how to trade.

    He had a friend record the parking stunt, hoping it would spark controversy and go viral on TikTok.

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    Commenting on the video, one person said: "This is why fines should be proportionate to what you earn or per car. £30 for a Ford, £3k for a Ferrari."

    Another said: "Should get three points for parking fines." Others simply called Luke a "b***end".

    However, some defended the stunt. One wrote: "In central London it's cheaper to get a parking fine than paying for a parking space for the day."

    Another said: "I'm older than you and I've seen things exactly the same way as you for years – I couldn't agree more."


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