Bitcoin's '10-Day Returns' Since 2013 are Off the Charts

Bitcoin can yield thousands of percent of gains within a short time frame. But those returns have been counted only in the best days for the coin. Bitcoin Moves Sharply, Creating Days of Extraordinary Gains Recent research revealed that bitcoin prices tend to move on specific days, bringing up the overall gains. But missing that period may mean waiting out […]

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Sunday Digest: Bitcoin Price Saunters And Ripple Steals Headlines

This week saw the World Economic Forum in Davos. What better opportunity for US Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, to take a dig at 17-year-old Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg? Of course, many took the opportunity to discuss important things like Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Price: Meh… Okay, so I’d like to just write ‘meh!’ and move on, but apparently I’m contractually […]

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CryptoNews came across this fantastic cryptocurrency trade monitoring tool called We reached out to them for a feature interview, and you are reading the results of that course of action. Our writer Zoran Spirkovski had a chat with Dario Kachel, founder of CoinTracking. We’ve learned more about their service, their target audience, and what their tool can provide. We were also […]

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Alexander Vinnik Has Been Extradited to France | Live Bitcoin News

Alexander Vinnik has been charged with money laundering and extortion by French authorities. Vinnik Will Spend More Time Behind Bars Vinnik is believed to have laundered as much as $4 billion worth of bitcoin through a now defunct cryptocurrency exchange known as e-BTC. He was later arrested in 2017 while vacationing in Greece with his family per the requests of […]

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Bitcoin is the Most Popular Crypto Asset Amongst Investors

The Bitcoin and crypto market cap figures that we get from CoinMarketCap, whilst being infinitely more reliable than its data on daily volumes, just tell us how much of each particular cryptocurrency is out there. But with vast swathes of these tokens being held by early adopters, whales, exchange wallets, or just forever lost, it doesn’t answer the question. Just […]

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Bank of America files new Patent for Blockchain Technology

For months now, banks and financial institutions all over the world have invested considerable capital in blockchain technology research and project development. The Bank of America for instance has just filed a couple of patents meant for a blockchain system that will improve the tracking process of file transfers in real time. By utilizing this system, blockchain technology can be […]

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