World’s poshest McDonald’s has special menu with lobster rolls in dining room

The poshest McDonald’s in the world is set in a “McMansion” and even has lobster rolls on the menu.

McDonald’s are normally fairly easy to spot, all hard edges and that generic green-grey-brown colour. This McDonald’s in Freeport, Maine, in the US is a little different.

Built inside the 1850s Gore House, the McMansion has more in common with a suburban house or even a posh restaurant. The features are not what you might expect.

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This version of the fast food chain comes complete with a fireplace, sash windows, candles in sticks and around the dining room are gloriously exposed wood panels – all the better for scranning your chips and barbecue sauce with.

Over the front door is a charmingly retro signage throwing diners back to a version of Mcdonald’s from yesteryear.

The outside of the building is wooden-slatted, but inside the same food is available to punters looking for a greasy fix. But while BigMacs and chicken nuggets are of course on the menu, there is a twist. In the summer, punters can also get their hands on lobster rolls – posh or what?

The reasons for this are lodged in history. When McDonald’s tried to open up the franchise in 1984 the locals weren’t best pleased with the way the appearance of the restaurant might fit in with the community’s aesthetic.

In exchange for the right to move into the town, the brand sacrificed the traditional colours and features usually associated with one of the restaurants. It is one of the few branches that have no yellow arch in sight.

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