I bought an adorable Morkie dog online – but now he looks more like a rat and I feel like I’ve been robbed | The Sun

A WOMAN was horrified when the adorable dog she thought she had bought turned into something quite different.

Amina explained that the breed she meant to buy was was a Morkie – a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and a Maltese.

However, the stunned woman ended up with a rat-like creature instead.

She shares in a TikTok video that she purchased the beast online – but warns others against following suit.

Text written across the screen reads: "what happens when you buy a dog of Craigslist, she's supposed to be a Morkie but looks more like a Rorkie, Rat and Yorkie mix."

Amina then asks the creature: "What are you?" and says to viewers: "Don't ever buy a dog off Craiglist."

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The bewildered and bizarre beast she's holding couldn't be further from the desired designer breed.

This dog is a scruffy mutt with a red wiry coat – but Morkies are known for their soft curls of fluffy fur.

Although the shocked owner says she loves the pup, the video is captioned with a hashtag that reads: "I've been scammed," – suggesting she feels slightly hard done by.

The TikTok has prompted positive reactions from Amina's fans.

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One wrote: "so cute" and another said: "I want her."

A third was curious and demanded more information, "We definitely need a story time," she wrote.

This is not the first time an owner got a different breed of dog to what they were expecting.

Last week we told how a woman was stunned when what she thought was a rottweiler puppy turned into something else.

She revealed in a TikTok clip that she had brought the cuddly pup online – and at first everything seemed normal.

The tiny creature had the trademark black and tan markings consistent with the breed and appeared to have the same stocky bone structure.

This meant the owner didn't notice anything was amiss until it was far too late.

A similar, but far more dangerous situation occurred when a woman thought she had rescued puppies she found dumped in a cardboard box but they turned out to be a different animal.

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She originally believed they were Belgian shepherd puppies but she was horrified when the creatures started to look more like foxes.

Marina wrote in a Facebook post: "Until they were two months old, we thought they were little foxes, but as they grew up, we saw that they were a team of little jackals."

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