Woman paralysed after chiropractor visit finally leaves hospital after 8 months

A woman who was left paralysed following a visit to a chiropractor has returned home for the first time in eight months.

In August last year, we told how Caitlin Jensen, 29, was in the middle of a neck adjustment when she had a horrifying reaction that led to the blood supply to her brain being cut off.

The recent university graduate from Georgia, US, almost cancelled the appointment before suffering from a stroke that left her unable to talk, walk, eat and even breathe without assistance.

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At the time, mum Darlene Jensen said her daughter was struggling through paralysis. The 49-year-old was forced to sleep on a pull-out bed in Caitlin's room in case she choked on her own saliva.

Now, almost a whole year later, Caitlin has been able to come home from hospital.

A GoFundMe set up to help with medical costs has so far raised $167,884 (£139,509).

In her most recent update, posted on March 6, organiser Linda Foster said Caitlin was comfortable in a "home of healing".

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Ms Foster – who is fundraising on behalf of Caitlin and Darlene said: "Thank you. Each and everyone one of you. Your generosity of spirit and love is a soothing balm on our raw, broken hearts.

"Your continuous prayers. The cards and letters that you write. The gifts you all purchased. The labour and skills that you donated. The materials. The time. The willing hearts. All of it. Thank you."

According to reports, the chiropractor who treated Caitlin has repeatedly declined to comment on what happened.

The Daily Star has approached them for a comment.


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