Putin sends Russians to die while exempting children of henchmen

Russia: Vladimir Putin addresses rally in Moscow

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Vladimir Putin is sacrificing the lives of ordinary Russians in vast numbers in Ukraine, while carefully protecting the children of henchmen including Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov and intelligence chief Nikolai Peskov, an eyebrow-raising photograph has illustrated. With Russia’s President apparently hellbent on capturing the key strategic city of Bakhmut, the UK’s Ministry of Defence said Moscow was continuing fling troops into the fray – with conscripts from eastern regions of Russia paying a particularly heavy price.

The MoD’s latest tweeted bulletin, posted earlier today, said: “As Russia continues to suffer extremely heavy casualties, the impact varies dramatically across Russia’s regions.

“In proportion to the size of their population, the richest cities of Moscow and St Petersburg have been left relatively unscathed.”

The MoD continued: “This is especially true for the families of the country’s elite.

“On 21 February 2023, Russian senior officials were photographed making up the front two rows of the audience of President Putin’s state of the nation speech.

“None of these are known to have children serving in the military.”

By contrast, in many of the Eastern regions, deaths were likely running 30 points higher as a percentage of the population than in Moscow, the MoD claimed.

It added: “In places, ethnic minorities take the biggest hit; in Astrakhan some 75 percent of casualties come from the minority Kazakh and Tartar populations.

“As the Russian MoD seeks to address its continued deficit of combat personnel, insulating the better-off and more influential elements of Russian society will highly likely remain a major consideration.”

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A photograph provided by the Kremlin on February 21, the day Putin announced his decision to suspend Russian participation in the New Start nuclear treaty, shows nine Russian officials sitting side by side as they listen to his speech.

Peskov, wearing a red tie and sitting in the middle of them, has served as the Kremlin’s Press Secretary since 2012.

The thrice-married 55-year-old has five children, including 33-year-old Nikolay Choles, who uses his stepfather’s surname.

Patrushev, 71, who has been secretary of the Security Council of Russia since 2008, has three sons, including 45-year-old banker Dmitry, and three daughters.

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The picture also features two men strongly resembling Deputy Prime Ministers Alexander Novak and Alexei Overchuk.

Novak was previously Russia’s Energy Minister, while Overchuk is believed to be responsible for Eurasian integration.

Peskov, Overchuk and Patrushev are the subject of UK sanctions.

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