Urgent hotline for families who fear necrophiliac Bedsit Killer raped THEIR loved ones amid fears he abused 1000s more

DEVASTATED families of women who died in Kent and the surrounding area fear their loved ones may have been violated after death by monster David Fuller.

Cops have set up a helpline for those who believe the bodies of relatives and friends may have been defiled by the necrophiliac Bedsit Killer.

Thousands more victims may yet be identified, it's understood.

A £1.5million package of support with funding from the Home Office, Ministry of Justice and Department of Health and Social Care will also be offered to families who need psychological support, the HSJ reports.

Fuller, 67, is known to have abused the corpses of at least 99 females aged between nine and 100.

The bodies were in mortuaries at the Kent and Sussex Hospital in Tunbridge Wells, which closed in September 2011, and the replacement Tunbridge Wells Hospital in nearby Pembury.

On one occasion, he returned over four days to violate one victim.

His sickening offences – labelled "the stuff of nightmares" by prosecutors – emerged yesterday when he admitted the murders of Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce in 1987.

Both women were bludgeoned to death in their Kent flats and sexually assaulted afterwards.

More than 20 years after the atrocities, Fuller defiled scores of dead women and girls at mortuaries he had access to through his work as a technical supervisor at a hospital.


Now cops have admitted they will never know how many deceased females were violated, but say it could be hundreds more.

It's believed some victims will never be identified, despite video recordings made by Fuller of his abuse.

At any one time, the bodies of between 20 and 25 women are kept in the mortuary, it's believed.

Officers have now released contact centre details in anticipation of an avalanche of calls from family members.

Those who fear loved ones may have been violated can call 0800 051527.

Azra Kemal, 24, was one of those abused by Fuller at Tunbridge Wells Hospital after she died following a fall from a bridge last July.

Her mum Nevres gave a devastating interview to Sky yesterday, telling reporters: "He had entered the morgue and autopsy area thousands of times.


"Not hundreds, thousands."

So far, 81 victims have been identified, but the investigation continues.

Fuller kept a detailed diary of his sex assaults, written in his own handwriting and kept in a secret room at the home he shared with his wife.

Sickened cops found four hard drives packed with millions of images and videos of abuse when they arrested the vile pervert at his home on suspicion of murdering Wendy and Caroline.

A cache of printed photos organised into folders were also found – showing that Fuller had spent at least 12 years abusing corpses.

Fuller, of affluent Heathfield in East Sussex, was still working for the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust at the time of his arrest.

His pleas yesterday end one of Britain's longest unsolved murder cases – and bring to light a case "unprecedented in legal history".

DCI Ian Beasley, who led Kent Police's investigation into Fuller, said: "It quickly became clear that the extent and scale of offending was likely to be unprecedented in the UK.

It's unprecedented in the UK. We've never seen anything like it

"We have never seen anything like this."

More than 150 family liaison officers informed the families of the dead women simultaneously after Fuller pleaded guilty to 51 charges, including 44 relating to the necrophilia, at a hearing on October 8.

Libby Clark, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "No British court has ever seen abuse on this scale against the dead before.

"I have no doubt he would still be offending to this day had it not been for this painstaking investigation and prosecution."

The HSJ revealed today that Fuller was well thought-of by colleagues, who believed him to be "affable and helpful" and were "shocked" when he was arrested.

As a result of his work, he was able to access any area of the hospital – including the mortuary, where there were no CCTV cameras.

Staff went home at 4pm, but Fuller worked between 11am and 7pm, allowing him plenty of time to visit when no one else was there.

Victim's families are "extremely distressed and angry", the publication reports.

Miles Scott of the hospital trust said in a statement: “I want to say on behalf of the trust how shocked and appalled I am by the criminal activity by David Fuller in our hospital mortuary that has been revealed in court this week.

“And most importantly, I want to apologise to the families of those who have been the victims of these terrible crimes.

“We’ve been working with a team of specialist police family liaison officers to offer these families whatever help or assistance they may need.

“I am confident that our mortuary today is safe and secure. But I am determined to see if there are any lessons to be learned or systems to be improved."

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