Trump filmed celebrating just moments before US Capitol riots erupted in chilling footage

Donald Trump and family watch on ahead of Washington riots

Donald Trump was filmed celebrating, dancing and even warming up with boxing gloves just moments before the US Capitol was invaded by his supporters. The US President was filmed as he prepared to deliver a furious speech to his supporters in Washington DC, which preceded the violence at the US Capitol. President Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr filmed the bizarre scenes backstage prior to the speech.

President Trump and his team appear in celebratory spirits as they warmed up, with Laura Branigan’s song ‘Gloria’ heard in the background.

At one point, President Trump can even be seen warming up with red boxing gloves.

The footage also shows Donald Trump Jr’s sister Ivanka, brother Eric, chief-of-staff Mark Meadows and several others watching the crowds gather outside as the Save America March got underway.

Donald Jr tells viewers: “Unfortunately there’s a road in between the main crowd and the masses. I’d love to see them getting in closer because that would be pretty awesome, but this is pretty incredible.”

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He called the protesters “patriots” who were “sick of the bulls***” and thanked them for attending.

His girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle also appears in the video and tells viewers: “Have the courage to do the right thing. Fight.”

The footage quickly went viral on social media with viewers commenting how the Trump family were “partying,” “dancing in enjoyment” and “gleeful” in the lead-up to the violence.

One person responded: “Trump wearing boxing gloves in the last few seconds is the most insane thing in this very insane video.”

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Another said: “That is past sickening. Most individuals had been watching with disappointment, tears and concern – these traitors to America had been laughing, dancing, smiling.”

Later at the rally, Donald Trump delivered an incendiary speech, telling his supporters that “you will never take back our country with weakness”.

He insisted he would “never give up” and “never concede” in the 2020 presidential election. 


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Following the speech, hundreds of President Trump’s supporters entered the US Capitol complex as the Congress attempted to certify Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

The ensuing violence led to the deaths of four civilians and a police officer.

Earlier today, the US President was permanently suspended from Twitter “due to the risk of further incitement of violence”.

Twitter said the decision was made “after close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account”.

The ban came after President Trump was previously locked out of his account for 12 hours on Wednesday for calling the people who stormed the US Capitol “patriots”.

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