‘They’re not people’ Ukrainians shame ‘fascist’ Russians using children as human shields

Ukrainians 'traumatised' by Russian occupation in village near Kyiv

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The people of Obukhovychi and Termakhivka, two small villages close to the Chernobyl exclusion zone, talked about their experience during the Russian occupation. Despite the tragic events of Bucha and Western leaders condemning Vladimir Putin of war crimes, Moscow has continued to conduct heavy attacks on Ukraine, and evidence of further crimes against civilians have emerged.

A man from the village of Obukhovych spoke to the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen to talk about the tragic events that he and his family had to endure after the arrival of Russian troops in their village.

He said: “People here are traumatised by the Russian occupation.

“Bridges are down and roads are blocked by Russian mines.”

“It was the chaos, children were crying. Everyone was crying”, continued the man referring to the experience they had to live through following the Russian arrival.

He continued: “Civilians, including children, have been used as human shields at the local school.

“Russians are vandals, fascists. They are not real people”.

A young man from Termakhivka also described his experience of being targeted after occupying troops discovered his younger brother served in the Ukrainian Army.

He said: “Young men have been held like prisoners for over 15 days.

Ukraine: Former Russian Army chief warning over territory

 “I got shot because my younger brother is in the Ukrainian army fighting against Russia”.

Another woman provided an additional description of her experience under the Russian occupation.

Maria said that having survived the Second World War, her experience under the Russians did not differentiate from the one she lived under the German occupation.

“[The Russian troops] were like the Germans, except I could understand what they were saying”, said the woman.


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Despite the UN Security Council meeting held in response to the tragic happenings in Bucha and Putin’s accusation of war crimes, further evidence of Russian misconduct has emerged.

Last week, Ukrainian officials said over 30 towns and villages had been liberated since the Russian Army was forced to retreat following over a month of failing to enter Kyiv.

The treatment of residents in Bucha, 23 miles northwest of the capital, sparked the fury of the international community after evidence was exposed of the summary killing of civilians.

Photos and videos of the town revealed the bodies of locals had been abandoned in the streets after they were bound and shot in the back of their heads.

Mass graves were reported to have been found, and Ukrainian MP Kira Rudik claimed to have seen “torture chambers” used to extract information from Bucha residents.

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