Russia’s ‘worst serial killer’ was rapist policeman who murdered up to 200 women

Russia's "most evil serial killer", who is believed to have murdered as many as 200 women, is currently the only person in Russia to be serving two life sentences.

Mikhail Popkov, a former policeman, would use his job to lure unsuspecting women to their brutal death, using axes, hammers and knives to torture them.

The bodies were discovered so mutilated that Russian media described the sick killer as "the Werewolf".

57-year-old Popkov reigned terror on his home city of Angarsk for almost two decades.

He was finally sentenced in 2015 to life for 22 murders, all of the killings are thought to have been committed between 1992 and 2010.

It is believed the death toll may actually be closer to 200 as the killer has continued to admit more crimes in jail.

Aleksandr Shkinev, a regional prosecutor, said: "There is no doubt that Popkov committed these murders. He clearly showed the places where the bodies were buried, and, by an earring, tattoo or some other feature, described the murders and victims in detail."

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Russian media described the killer as the "Angsark maniac" for the terror he put on his community.

He would dump bodies in roadsides and near woodlands across the city and very often return to the scene of the crime as a police officer.

Popkov chillingly told the court that he was punishing women for immoral behaviour and described himself as a "cleaner".

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The police officer would hang around bars and give lifts to intoxicated women before murdering, raping and torturing them, Medium reports.

In 2015, the Russian killer told Komsomolskaya Pravda: "They left their husbands and children at home and went out [drinking] as if for the last time.

"Of course nobody is without sin. But one must not hurt one’s dearest."

Medical experts deemed Shiknev sane but concluded the motive for the killings was "homicidal mania" and "an irresistible urge to kill".

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All of his victims are believed to be women, besides one man, a fellow policeman, BBC reports.

Police were able to catch Popkov after tyre tracks were found near some of his victim's bodies, which allowed cops to check every owner of that type of vehicle in Angarsk.

Owners' DNA was checked against the DNA found on the victims and that enabled police to thankfully identify Popkov.

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