Royal Family ‘wants something’ for Sussex apology in case of ‘walk away’

Royal Family members will "want something" should they express an apology to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in case of a "walk away" move from the latter, a royal expert has claimed.

Repeated suggestions from the Duke of Sussex that "the ball is in their court" has seen a shift in tone between the active royals and the Sussex pair.

One expert has even alleged that Harry wants the Royal Family to issue him an apology, particularly from his immediate relatives, including brother Prince William, father King Charles and stepmum Camilla Parker Bowles.

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Although an apology, according to one royal expert, would be key to repairing the relationship between the family, it would likely be that the Royal Family "wants something" in return, Daily Express reported.

Expert Afua Hagan said: "Harry certainly wants an apology from the Royal Family for the planting of the stories especially, for not defending him and Meghan, for not really being there for them in the way that they needed them.

"I think a reconciliation will take an apology from the Royal Family to Harry and Meghan and accountability on both sides, more accountability from the Royal Family for the things that they have done and perpetuated.

"I think that Harry and Meghan also need to take some accountability as well. The Royal Family won't want it to be them just apologising and Harry and Meghan going thank you and walking away, they're going to want something as well."

What the Royal Family might want, however, was not disclosed by the expert.

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Accountability for both parties may be the driving force behind a speedy burying of the hatchet, especially as King Charles III looks to include both his sons at the upcoming coronation.

The Daily Star previously reported that King Charles was desperate to have both Prince William and Prince Harry appear together at the Coronation this coming May.

Whether the pair make an appearance together at the event, which would mark their first since the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, is yet to be seen.

An invitation to the event though showed that "blood is thicker than Netflix cheques", according to one expert who believed King Charles' coronation invite may mark another difficulty between Harry and Will.

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