Prince Harry and Meghan have ‘problems in relationship’, claims astrologer

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The marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be having “problems”, an astrologer has said.

Speaking to Kinsey Schofield on the To Di for Daily podcast, celebrity astrologer Emili Adame told how, despite Harry and Meghan being “soulmates”, they are currently at odds.

The pair have not retuned to the UK from the United States since leaving the UK, despite Harry's apparently homesickness.

The astrologer said: “Before, when I’ve looked at them, I had felt that the relationship could end. “But I think too… a lot of the energy that I was seeing was I was seeing all the trouble that was coming right after the wedding.

“What I still see is more chaos.

“This is a very challenging marriage, very challenging.

“I can see two roads, and one of the roads that I see is that the relationship itself, that they could grow apart at some point emotionally, but that Harry would feel a duty to his children, and would not leave them.

“But I do see a lot of problems in the relationship behind closed doors, and currently, right now they’re at odds.

“I see her having a lot of heartache right now, and I feel that he wants to be back home and she does not, she doesn’t want to be a part of that – she has other plans.

“I feel that he’s realizing that it’s important to mend the relationship with his brother and with the family and to still be an active participant, but I feel that this is painful for her, she does not feel seen or heard or doesn’t feel that she belongs when it comes to the family and so she feels very much like an outsider.”

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The royal rift appears to have thawed somewhat after it was revealed recently that Prince Harry and his father have reconnected via Zoom calls, as Prince Charles wants to form a relationship with his grandchildren.

And this is more poignant now as Ms Adame hinted at the prospect of a third child for the couple.

She added: “I see that there could be a third child in the future if they choose it.

“But this is not an easy marriage, at all.

“I actually feel that she’s really struggling, she’s struggling with some heartache.

“I see continued turbulence.”

Archewell have been contacted for comment.

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