Plane spells 'make beer not war' using flightpath in skies over Poland

Two-seater plane spells ‘make beer not war’ using its flightpath in skies over Poland

  • Polish jet writes ‘Make beer not war’ across 40-mile area in four-hour flight
  • FlightRadar tracked journey to write sky message, which was followed by a heart
  • Single-engine craft owned by flight school Smart Aviation in western city Poznan
  • Smart Aviation did not comment on the stunt but acknowledged it in a tweet
  • Same flight school’s plane wrote ‘FckPutin’ in skies above Poland last month

A cheeky pilot wrote ‘Make beer not war’ with their two-seater jet’s flight path in the skies above Poland.

The Tecnam P2008JC aircraft owned by flight school Smart Aviation offered the message for Putin during a four-hour voyage above Poznan, western Poland.

Smart Aviation did not reply to a request for comment by MailOnline, but its Twitter account liked a tweet congratulating the pilot for the move. 

The audacious pilot’s message came during the four-hour flight above Poznan, western Poland

Last month a small jet operated by the same school wrote ‘FckPutin’ across the sky.

According to FlightRadar, the single-engine craft spent three hours and 56 minutes in the clouds, writing its peace-loving message across 40 miles west of Poznan.

The pilot reportedly triggered their emergency beacon, sending a notification to FlightRadar users to raise awareness about the stunt. 

The plan took off from Poznań–Ławica Airport at 4.37pm local time yesterday, landing at 8.33pm. 

The words were written by a two-seater, single-engine Italian-made P2008JC jet  (file image)

It hit a top speed of 123 knots (142mph) and a maximum altitude of 4,000 feet.

The plane carefully sustained at a steady altitude while writing its message.

Eagle-eyed FlightRadar users spotted the plane writing ‘Make beer’ around 6pm yesterday before ‘Not war’ was added in the minutes after.

Last month a pilot at the same flight school wrote ‘FckPutin’ across the skies west of Poznan

Twitter user @Placeholder5_6 suggested it might have been ‘a drunk Polish person who wandered onto a local airfield and decided to go for a bit of skywriting in a hijacked airplane.’

Tweeter @Scot_Nature_Boy wrote: ‘Chapeau & hats off to the anonymous pilot who flew out from Poznan Airport this afternoon and flew an anti-war message over Poland before squawking his emergency beacon so that flight radar apps would receive a notification. Make beer not war!’

‘Make beer not war’ has become a peaceful rallying cry among some opponents of Putin’s failing invasion of Ukraine.

FlightRadar data shows the two-seater jet held a steady altitude while writing the message

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