Paintball marshal shot 9-year-olds in privates and called them ‘c***s’ at party

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    A marshal at a paintball centre has come under fire after he shot kids in the privates and swore at them.

    Zach Ramage skipped jail time following the abuse of a group of nine-year-olds at Mayhem Paintball in Longfield, Kent.

    Ramage, who was 18 at the time, allegedly left one of the children quiet following the party before he came clean to his mum about what had happened.

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    The group of eight children saw one of their party shot at point-blank range by Ramage, the only adult around after they were taken off into the woods.

    Ramage is understood to have kicked off the party by “shooting them in their genitals and their feet.”

    A mum even claimed he hid in bushes and shot children despite being charged with their safeguarding.

    Ramage was charged with 15 counts of assault by beating and six counts of cruelty to a child under 16 after six of the brave kids went on to testify in court.

    He was sent to a work and victim empathy session, as well as being made to pay compensation.

    A Gravesend mother of one of the boys, 39, said: "It was absolutely shocking, unbelievable really that a person who was meant to be in charge of them would subject them to this.

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    “I'm still disgusted.

    "He terrorised them for the whole time, abusing them physically and verbally.

    "My son came out and we knew something was wrong straight away but it wasn't until a few days later he totally opened up and told us everything.

    “He called them names, he called them sp**s, he called them ‘c’s, he swore at them, told them to ‘f’ off, we’re talking about a group of nine-year-old boys, they were shocked."

    All of this is understood to have happened while parents waited unawares in cars during the hour-and-a-half-hour game.

    The mother-of-one later praised Mayhem Paintball for dealing with Ramage, who was sacked, swiftly.

    Tom Davey, who has run Mayhem for 35 years, said: “Our company has proudly employed hundreds of local youngsters and we have never experienced anything like what happened.

    "The first I knew was when the organiser of the kids' party phoned, approximately an hour after the party had finished. I was incredulous with the allegations, and immediately began investigations within the company to establish what had happened.

    "We supported the organiser in her decision to report the incident to the police, and have cooperated fully with all of their investigation.”

    He added: "First and foremost we are truly sorry to all of the boys and their families for the incident, and as a company, we have learned a harsh lesson and have taken steps to ensure that this type of incident can never occur again."

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