Larry the No 10 cat refusing to go inside while Boris Johnson refuses to resign

Boris Johnson’s world continues to crumble around him, with a raft of cabinet and government resignations making Wednesday (July 6) a historic day in Parliament.

And if a succession of MPs seemingly deserting a sinking ship isn’t bad enough, even Larry the Cat, Downing Street’s resident ‘Chief Mouser’, has also stuck the boot in.

Footage released on Larry’s parody Twitter account – for which he has over 500,000 followers – on Wednesday showed him on the doorstep of No 10 patiently, it seemed, waiting for some kind soul to open the door and let him inside.

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But when the famous old door did eventually swing ajar, Larry looked through the doorway and opted to stay right where he was.

The comment on his parody Twitter page said it all: “Is he still in there? Then I’m right here thanks.”

Larry’s refusal to enter No.10 came a day after he offered the “Either he goes, or I do” demand on Twitter, to which he himself replied: “My ultimatum has received more RTs and likes than the resignation of the actual Chancellor of the Exchequer”.

Amused onlookers replied to 15-year-old Larry’s comment, with one follower writing: “You’re about to outlast yet another prime minister.”

A second penned: “I’m not even listening to who Sky News are talking to, I'm too busy watching you outside waiting for Boris Johnson to leave.”

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A third commented: “Very wise, Larry. You don’t want to be part of that,” while a fourth added: “It’s really bad when Larry wants you gone.”

On a day of frenetic activity on the parody account, he also wrote: “I’m now playing @JamesBlunt really loud to smoke him out”, which came hot on the heels of, “Time to end this charade. I’ve told the copper outside that there’s a squatter in my house who needs evicting…”

Former Cabinet minister Rory Stewart was given the ultimate thumbs up by Larry, when he told CNN: “At some basic level, almost anybody in Parliament would be a better Prime Minister than Boris Johnson. Larry the Downing Street cat, at the moment, would be a better Prime Minister.”

Naturally the hashtag #LarryForPM then garnered plenty of traction, becoming one of Twitter’s top trends.


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