Lad cut in half by forklift slams conspiracy he’s faked injuries in massive scam

A man cut in half in a horror forklift accident has hit back at conspiracy theories claiming he is faking his injuries.

Construction worker Loren Schauers, 20, was working on a bridge in September 2019 when he fell 50ft and was crushed by a forklift which severed his forearm and crushed his lower body.

He remained totally conscious the entire time and looked down to see his right arm had exploded and everything below his hips was completely squashed.

The young labourer from Great Falls in Montana, US made the brave decision to let medics perform hemicorperectomy surgery – where everything below his waist was amputated to save his life.

But not everyone believes his harrowing story, with some internet oddballs alleging Loren digitally edits out his waist and legs in videos.

Since his accident Loren and wife Sabia have received a staggering £68,000 ($85,000) in donations from strangers for high-tech prosthetic limbs.

Yet according to the conspiracy theorists their GoFundMe page which continues to rake in cash by the day, is nothing more than a scam.

Loren said: "I've seen a couple of comments that have said like this is a pretty elaborate scam."

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Sabia explained that the scepticism was not just a few throwaway remarks on their YouTube videos, but an entire social media thread had been created in an attempt to debunk the couple as frauds.

"There's people out there that think we're using CGI to make Loren's limbs disappear and that it's all one big scam," Sabia said.

"When we first kind of went viral there was like a subreddit page that was all about how this is a scam and we're lying about it and we're doing editing to make his body disappear and those are just like crazy."

Proving he really does have no lower half, Loren hoisted himself up so he was hanging by one hand during the live stream to reveal the bottom of his torso.

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Sabia added: "The conspiracies some people come up with but like obviously we just laughed at it and ignored it because we're not going to let that get to us but like it's just crazy."

Not only are there social media users claiming Loren's body is digitally created, some are even pretending to be him including an actual GoFundMe scam a couple of years ago.

The couple recalled how the fake page was shut down after receiving £200 of well-wishers donations.

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Loren said: "It's crazy how many people have stolen our content. There are quite a lot of people on TikTok that pretend to be us, they'll just post our content freely.

Sabia added: "When TikTokers pretend to be us I just don't understand. Last year we had a fake GoFundMe thing happen but luckily that's the only time that's happened.

"Most of the times we find an account of ourselves they don't have a donation link or anything thankfully."

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