Inside abandoned spaceship rooftop bar with ‘flying saucer’ ceiling

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An urban explorer discovered an out-of-this-world UFO-themed rooftop bar and hotel.

Harley Q. Urbex posted fascinating images to Facebook of the empty shell of a building that would have been a hotspot for extraterrestrial lovers.

The main room, which has some areas of the ceiling in disrepair, has an orb in the centre with lights around the outside – giving it a similar appearance to artist impressions of a flying saucer.

Some of nature has managed to take over inside as leaves are scattered over the staircase.

Wallpaper has begun peeling away from the walls and wires are hanging down from missing ceiling tiles.

The curtains are still hanging over the windows that form around the building looking over a city as the building is on a hillside above the area in the US.

A chair still remains in the centre of the room, which the explorer used for a quick photo op in what she described as a 'great explore' as fans gushed over the find.

One commenter said: "What a cool place… But a terrible waste of a great location."

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Another added: "Fab. Would love to see it rehabbed!"

A third said: "This is in the top 3 coolest abandoned places I have seen yet."

However, the UFO bar isn't the only venue for alien fanatics to fall in love with as a home an incredible “UFO house” made of scrap steel, has finally been put up for sale for $1.75 million (£1.29m) last month.

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The amazing property, dubbed The Steel House, is one of many amazing unfinished architectural "dream projects" around the world.

The house, which stands unfinished in Ransom Canyon in Texas, was the final project of artist and inventor Robert Bruno, who sadly died of cancer before he could complete it.

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