I tried B&M’s 'dupe' Prime drink – I didn't expect it to taste like it did | The Sun

A PRIME superfan has tried B&M's 'dupe' of the energy drink – and says it doesn't taste the way she expected.

Fans of KSI and Logan Paul have flooded shops stocking Prime, a "hydration drink" the pair launched last year.

Black Country mum Dayna Farrington sampled Body Fuel, a Prime dupe made by Applied Nutrition and stocked by B&M.

She enlisted her two Prime-obsessed stepsons, aged 11 and 12.

Dayna picked up three bottles of Lemon Lime Prime from Asda to compare with similarly flavoured knock-off dupes.

It was the first time she had tried KSI's "hydration drink", even though her stepsons are Prime fanatics.

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Dayna slammed KSI and Logan Paul's hit drink, which some third-party profiteers have sold for thousands of pounds.

She told BirminghamLive: "It just tasted like glorified lemon squash to me."

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Although Dayna was underwhelmed by Prime, she still much preferred it to B&M's dupe, Body Fuel.

She said: "It was horrid. Just horrible. I couldn't manage more than a few sips.

"First, off it smelled vile – and it tasted nothing like lemon or lime, let alone both.

"It was more of an artificial peppermint taste. Half mouthwash, half some horrible liquid medication.

When Dayna made her stepsons do a blind taste test, they both knew straight away which drink was Prime and which one was the discount dupe.

Dayna later tried a range of Prime flavours besides the lemon and lime she had used in the taste test.

She ranked Tropical Punch as the best flavour, and Lemon Lime as the worst.

It comes after KSI and Logan Paul revealed the massive profits they are making from either Prime energy drink.

The pair have raked in $45million from Prime sales in January alone, despite reported problems with distribution and stock.

KSI and Logan Paul also paid for a Prime commercial to be featured during one of the Super Bowl's many ad breaks.

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Companies typically pay millions for thirty-second slots during the breaks, and it is understood that KSI and Logan Paul forked out a similar amount to promote their "hydration drink".

The Sun revealed that nutrition experts say the drink might actually make people less hydrated, and should not be recommended to children.

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