Harrowing moment teen thugs beat 73-year-old man to death with traffic cone

CCTV footage has captured the horrifying moment a gang of seven youths launched a fatal attack on a 73-year-old man.

The victim, now identified as pensioner James Lambert, was beaten to death with a traffic cone used by the young thugs on June 24.

In the video, the gang were seen following and chasing the victim as they repeatedly threw and whacked him with the cone while he walked by the 2100 block of Cecil B. Moore Avenue in North Philadelphia, US.

Mr Lambert was seen attempting to get away from the teens as they followed and knocked him to the ground. And, when he tried to get up, he was slammed down again as his attackers smiled and laughed.

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Two siblings, aged 10 and 14, turned themselves into the Philadelphia police as the pensioner died from his injuries later that day.

Since his death, Mr Lambert's sister Elsie Stephens made a heartfelt plea for more to turn themselves in.

She said: "Let them turn themself in, turn yourself in. How could you let us suffer like this? You took him away from us."

According to CBS Journalist Alicia Roberts, the 10-year-old boy has been released from police custody but his 14-year-old brother is facing charges of third-degree murder.

However, it’s not clear what the roles were of the two brothers who surrendered themselves to law enforcement.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner told CBS 3 Philly the investigation to find the rest of the juveniles was underway and that those involved could likely face murder charges “certainly on the very limited information we have”.

He said: "This is a very, very active investigation. Things are happening hour by hour."

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Police said four males and three females were involved and a $20,000 (£16,910) reward is being offered for any information that can lead to their arrests.

Officials say they have been in touch with some, but not all, of those seen assaulting the man – but they are expecting more to turn themselves in.

Krasner added: "We all have a role to play as parents and one of the roles is to try to encourage and push our kids to do things that make sense."


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