Ex-cop firearms instructor is first ever Freemason guilty of killing a 'brother' after blasting son-in-law with shotgun

A RETIRED police firearms instructor has become the first recorded Freemason in the UK to be convicted of murdering another ‘brother’.

High-ranking Mason and ex-cop David Hucker, 69, shot dead his daughter’s long-term partner Robert Williamson, 43, following a row.

Both were ‘brothers in arms’ at a Kent Freemasonry lodge formed from a clay pigeon shooting club, in which Hucker played a leading role and was its safety officer.

Hucker introduced builder Robert to the lodge in 2015 and both were pictured together at a Masonic event with black suits and ties from the order, known as ‘The Brotherhood.’

But Hucker – formerly a Masonic Provincial grand officer who also belonged to another lodge promoting peace – gunned down Robert with a 12-bore shotgun in May this year after being told his home in Dartford, Kent, was going to be sold by his daughter and her fiancé.

Masonic historian and ex-Met DCI Mick Neville, said: “This is the first recorded occasion in which a Freemason has murdered another Freemason.”

Freemasons pledge not to injure each other and prevent anyone else from doing so as part of their ceremony.

Mr Neville, author of a book titled ‘Crime and the Craft,’ added: “Back in 1922, Major Herbert Armstrong killed his wife and attempted to kill another solicitor and member of his lodge by poisoning them both with arsenic.

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“But on this occasion, Hucker actually murdered Williamson and so it is a highly unusual case.

“Of course, what makes this crime more dreadful is that Hucker had been a police officer and the victim was his daughter’s long term partner.

“But they were supposed to be ‘brothers’ in the Freemasonry fraternity and had sworn not to harm any other member.

“As a long-standing Mason, Hucker would have been very aware of that.”

Hucker blasted Williamson twice during a row which came after he discovered the victim had a £1,000 a week cocaine habit which forced him and Samantha to sell their home.

The shooting came on the day they moved in with Hucker, who lived in a house given to him by the couple when he divorced in 2018.

Hucker snapped when Robert told him they would be selling that house and after the ex-City of London cop threatened him with a gun he called 999.

Faced with losing his gun licence, Hucker went berserk and shot Robert in the chest and head while it was recorded on the 999 call.

Robert was heard yelling: "He's just shot me in the ******* chest."

Hucker then shouted "I ******* warned ya" before a second crack and a thud was heard as the victim’s body slumped to the floor.

After his arrest, Hucker told cops: "I used to be a firearms instructor for 40 years and worked for the City of London Police and what did I do, shoot the ******* son-in-law.

Hucker claimed he fired by mistake but was convicted of murder.

His daughter Samantha said in an impact statement read to the court: “Robert was my love, my friend, my fiance, my comedian, my carer and the centre of my world.

“My life has been destroyed by this madness. I will never get over this.

"To my father who brought me up, the figurehead of my family, the person I looked up to for so many years – you took my Robert from me.

“My only question is why have you done it to me, your princess."

The United Grand Lodge of England expressed condolences to Robert’s family, adding: “We are deeply shocked at such a manifest divergence from our core principles.”

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