Dog found alive in rubble six days after deadly Norway landslide

A dog has been found alive in the rubble of a deadly landslide in Norway, boosting hopes among rescuers who are still searching for missing people.

The landslide, which carried away homes in the Norwegian village of Ask, took place on 30 December.

Seven people have died, and three others remain missing.

The dog was found by rescuers late Monday and was “in good condition”, police spokesperson Ivar Myrboe said.

Rescuer Goeran Syversen said: “It is a joy for us and gives motivation to further work hard.”

Search efforts continue in the village, 16 miles northeast of Oslo, with dogs going beneath the rubble in below-freezing temperatures to try to find those still missing.

Helicopters and drones with heat-detecting technology are also being used.

It is thought to be the worst landslide in modern Norwegian history – destroying around nine buildings containing more than 30 apartments.

At least 1,000 people were evacuated from their homes.

The exact cause of the landslide is unknown – but experts believe that quick clay which surrounds the area – which can change from solid to liquid – combined with winter weather may have been contributing factors.

Buildings have been left hanging on the edge of a 2,300ft-long deep ravine caused by the landslide.

In 2005 Norwegian authorities advised against construction companies building in the area, warning it was a “high-risk zone” for landslides – but houses were eventually built some years later.

Norwegian police have said they will not scale back the search, despite one rescue team from Sweden having already returned home.

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