Cop turned OnlyFans star promises free nudes if its Brazil v Germany final

An OnlyFans star who used to be a copper has promised fans she’ll send free nudes if her native Brazil reaches the final with Germany.

Despite having German great-grandparents, Tati Weg is all in favour of Brazil going all the way in the greatest show on Earth.

In the World Cup beauty contest, called the Bela da Copa do Mundo, Tati will be representing Germany and so does have slightly conflicting interests with the possible tie.

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Despite this, she hopes that Brazil can go all the way and overcome the infamous 7-1 semi-finals battering Brazil suffered at the hands of Germany in the 2014 World Cup held in Brasil.

She said: “From the beginning, I wanted to represent Germany in the competition, but I was afraid of criticism for the 7-1 result.”

The former military police officer added: "That game was hard to swallow, right? So, I started with the mission to erase that, because I'm Brazilian and I'm divided, right?

"I'm the great-granddaughter of Germans. All my family is from there, but I don't want to celebrate a thrashing."

"And, if the final is Brazil and Germany, there will be nudes for free."

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Tati reckons that, compared to her time in the military police, these days she is pulling a whopping 30 times more than she did before.

Fair to say she is reaping the benefits of sacking it all off to sell nudes on OnlyFans.

With a massive 109,000 Instagram followers, the Bela da Copa do Mundo contestant is loved by her fans.

Discussing her entry into the contents, one said: "Tati Weg is the World Cup's most beautiful! She has the best adult content in Brazil!"

The World Cup continues to rage with both Germany and Brasil still surviving in the competition.

Despite a difficult start to the tournament in their defeat to Japan, Germany has restored their hopes of reaching the final after a thrilling draw against Spain.

Brasil has won their first game of the tournament and will be hoping to keep their momentum going against Switzerland at 4pm on November 28.

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