Is Rishi Sunak trying to ‘water down’ Brexit? POLL

Brexit 'will take longer to bring big benefits' says Davis

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak reaffirmed his belief in Brexit last week claiming that by leaving the European Union the UK has the opportunity to trade with “the world’s fastest-growing economies”. Yet almost half of voters in a new survey think otherwise. So is he trying to ‘water down’ Brexit? Vote in our poll.

Last week, at the CBI conference in Birmingham, Mr Sunak ruled out a Swiss-style relationship with the bloc and rejected “any alignment with EU laws”.

He said: “I voted for Brexit, I believe in Brexit and I know that Brexit can deliver, and is already delivering enormous benefits and opportunities for the country.” 

However, a recent poll by Techne UK for – conducted between November 23 and November 24 and surveying 1,625 UK adults – found that 46 percent of voters think the Prime Minister is trying to water down or reverse Brexit. Meanwhile, 44 percent said no and 10 percent said they did not know.

Marco Longhi, a member of the Common Sense Group of Tory MPs and MP for Dudley North, claimed that week that the UK Government has not “delivered on the benefits of Brexit”.

He told that Britons will “judge” the Conservative Party based on its ability to deliver on this.

He explained: “What we absolutely must do is to deliver on the benefits of Brexit. Huge swathes of this country voted for this Government because it believed in Brexit and we haven’t delivered on the benefits of Brexit.

“So whether it be making a bonfire of EU laws, whether it be Northern Ireland, whether it be trade barriers or controlling our borders, this is what the people of this country will judge us by.

“Fiscal policy will come and go, the number of people paying tax can change year to year, but what cannot change is our promise to the people of this country under Brexit. The clock is ticking.”

The survey found that Leave voters at the 2016 referendum were more critical of Mr Sunak’s approach with 55 percent arguing he is trying to water down or reverse Brexit and 37 percent saying he is not.


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Earlier this month the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) claimed that Brexit had negatively impacted the economy, affecting trade volumes and relationships.

The OBR report stated: “Our trade forecast reflects our assumption that Brexit will result in the UK’s trade intensity being 15 percent lower in the long run than if the UK had remained in the EU. The latest evidence suggests that Brexit has had a significant adverse impact on UK trade.”

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change has suggested Mr Sunak “revisits” the Brexit trade deal in a bid to forge closed economic ties with the bloc.

The think tank called for the trade and cooperation agreement (TCA) signed by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson to be improved when it is reviewed at the end of 2025.

So what do YOU think? Is Rishi Sunak trying to ‘water down’ Brexit? Vote in our poll and join the debate in the comment section below.

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