Cat owner ‘shocked’ but amused after pet returns with touching letter on collar

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A cheeky feline who was pampered by a neighbour has returned home with a thoughtful note attached to his collar.

Ten year old cat Jeffrey had been fed and looked after by the neighbour in Edinburgh — who identifies themselves only as 'Kriss' in the letter — for several weeks before they discovered the unique way of getting in touch.

Owner Jessica Cowan said she was stunned when she saw her kitty walking back with the message on an unfamiliar collar, and thought from a distance that it was someone else's pet.

The letter asked after his welfare and wished his owners well.

It read: “Hi. This cat has owner? He come to me everyday for food, talk, water and sleep. What happened to him on right side chest? All is ok? Much love!”

Jessica revealed that Jeff had a patch of fur missing due to having a blood sample taken when he began losing weight.

She admits noticing that he was gaining weight quickly after their vet visit, but didn't realise he had been getting double dinners until she received the note from her caring neighbour, who had also been feeding him.

Seeing the funny side, Jessica said she is happy for him to keep going round to Kriss's, as she can tell he is bringing joy to their home as well as hers.

Reflecting on her cat's active social life, she wrote: “Recently Jefferey made a few pals in the area. He came home on Monday afternoon with a little note wrapped around his “new” collar. I got a fright and shouted on my mum and dad because I thought I had let the wrong cat in the house."

"I was chasing this cat all about the kitchen. I ended up grabbing the cat and noticed it was Jeffrey and cut the note off the collar.

“I was shocked but I started laughing afterwards because I had recently taken him to the vet as he was a little underweight due to refusing to eat or drink water. So he got put on antibiotics and had a shaved patch where he got blood taken.

Jessica revealed that they got Jeffrey from a family friend nine years ago who had adopted him from a cat rescue centre in Leith, where he had been taken after becoming stressed by life in a high rise flat.

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