Bloke ‘swinging a pet cat like a kettlebell’ in video apologises after threats

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    A bloke who was seen swinging a pet cat like a kettlebell in a viral video has identified himself and apologised for his actions as he pleads for the death threats against him and his family to stop.

    Jimmy Wong, was seen in a harrowing clip posted on Instagram by his ex, spinning the animal around and swinging it by its paws.

    The cat account that posted clips of the incidents on September 28 and October 7, remained anonymous as she described how she had witnessed pet cat Pidan's head "hit the chair or wall while spinning at fast speed."

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    She also suspected that Wong also fed Pidan "Korean chilli", and believes the cat's tooth broke "when he tried to clean the inner mouth roughly" – but he denies causing any injury to the animal.

    The videos collectively garnered over 5,000 views and sparked outrage among Instagram users who have actively condemned his actions.

    However, Wong, the chairman and CEO of JF Lennon Institute of Financial Science, has since apologised for "playing" with the cat in this way and pleaded with people to stop sending him and his family threats over the footage.

    The statement he posted to Instagram said: "First and foremost, to all the animal lovers, I would like to express my deepest and most sincere apologies for the recent incident. I had completely no intention to hurt the cat.

    "I did not know that playing with the cat in such a manner would risk hurting the cat and it was never in my intention to cause hurt or harm to the cat. However, I acknowledge that my actions have created unhappiness and displeasure.

    "For this, I sincerely apologise and regret my actions. I would like to take this opportunity to make known to the public what triggered this incident."

    He added that he was initially going to have his legal team respond to the claims made by his ex, however, his daughter had been "dragged into it" so he felt the need to make a public statement.

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    Wong also addressed the allegations of injuring the cat, writing: "The injury to its paw was from climbing the wire mesh in the house (catproofing feature), while the swollen eye was due to an infection"

    Adding that "at no time before or after, did [his ex] express displeasure in the way I handled her cat."

    He claims she was "present during all 3 incidents, she also personally recorded the incidents using her home's CCTV and her personal handphone camera."


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