Beach resort frozen in time after hurricane with rotting animal carcasses

A once-loved beach resort that was battered by a double hurricance and abandoned in mysterious circumstances has been frozen in time and is peppered with debris including rotting animal carcasses.

Club Maeva in Tulum, Mexico, was once a "paradise" holiday hotspot but was rattled by hurricane Emily in 2005 before a second blow from Wilma in the same year acted as a final nail in the coffin.

Looters and graffiti artists added to the desolate atmosphere in the intervening years, and now all that remains are the creepy skeletons of buildings.

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There are also reports of animal carcasses littering the once-bucolic pathways around the site, formerly known as Robinsons Club Tulum. It was reportedly German owned and operated and "was heaven on earth," before tragedy struck.

A tourist who recently visited the ruins said online: "I visited the ruins of Club Maeva Tulum in November 2018, and the entire property is fenced off from the public, and there are security guards actively patrolling the resort.

"I did try to offer them some money to have them let me in and show me around, but they were having none of it."

Pictures show the pools filled with trash and murky water as wires, fixtures and fittings have been ripped from the walls inside.

"Looks like all of the places I love are crumbling into ruin…" wrote one woman who visited in the spot's heydey.

"Interesting if you enjoy abandoned places, but for me personally I'm heartbroken…"

A man added under her post on the public forum: "Two hurricanes, no safety net, and looters, and I'm surprised that the bricks are still mostly in place."

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"This is awful. I was there in 05 and it was absolutely beautiful.

"Everything about it was great and I loved the small resort vibe," another former customer wrote on a different site.

"And after being to a few beaches in the Mayan, this one was the BEST.

"White fine sand….just gorgeous. I would have loved to go back there…it’s so sad that it was left to rot. Such a waste."

There was hope shortly after the hurricane double blow when the site, near Playa del Carmen, was sold to a holiday company called Palace Group.

They, according to forums on Tripadvisor, are in a dispute with the Mexican government over the land.

Online speculation states that a cenote was found beneath the surface on the land, which meant there were fears the buildings could collapse into them.

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