Axe killer’s sick texts to victim’s kids – and the ones that caught him out

Vile axe murderer Andrew Burfield sent a string of texts to the children of his victim, Katie Kenyon, in a cruel trick to convince them she was still alive.

Burfield posed as the 33-year old mum and sent texts to make it seem as though she were still alive, but those texts drew suspicion amongst her children.

The 51-year-old murderer has been handed a life sentence after finally admitting to the murder of Kenyon, whose phone he took and used to suggest that she was still alive to her children, LancashireLive reported.

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Just an hour after he had killed the 33-year-old, Burfield sent her daughter a text message asking about food in the fridge, and the texts continued from there.

It was a series of texts from Burfield posing as Ms Kenyon that gave him away, with Katie's sister apparently suspicious after receiving a series of poorly spelled texts from her phone.

Katie's son had received a message from his mum's phone, which read: "Hey dude, I love you and I'm sorry. You need to ring your dad – he will be looking after you from today. I need to get help. Its not you. I love you.

"Will you look after your sister and know Andy will always have your back – get your dad to come and get you wile I'm gone. If he wont look after you get him to take you to Andy."

These texts made Ms Kenyon's sister, Jenny, suspicious of Burfield, who was subsequently called out.

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In a text from Jenny to Burfield at 6.26am, the morning after Katie was first reported missing, Jenny accused the handyman of knowing "a hell of a lot more" than first thought.

Jenny's text read: "Andy I think you know a hell of a lot more than you are letting on!! I have read over the msgs 'katie' sent to her kids and she doesn’t even spell like that or speak like that which is what the kids have also said!

"Katie knows how to spell and mentioned about you having dyslexia! Which makes sense to the spelling! YOU SENT THEM TEXTS! YOU KNOW WHERE KATIE IS!?!

"The police will trace where she was from the last msg sent. It’s about time you came forward and started telling some truth now."

Presiding judge Justice Goose handed evil Burfield a minimum of 32 years in prison before he can be considered for parole.

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