£50 million cocaine haul found in delivery of coffee beans at Nespresso factory

A mammoth haul of 80 per cent pure cocaine was discovered when Nespresso factory staff stumbled across the astonishing find in a delivery of coffee beans.

Earlier this month, at the company's huge Switzerland-based factory, a new delivery of coffee beans had arrived containing more than just the coffee producer's famous and highly popular coffee beans.

During a routine inspection, cocaine weighing 500kg was found – valued at around £50 million.

According to local news outlets, packets of the white substance were found by staff at the factory, and police were informed.

Having analysed the packets, found across five shipping containers-worth of beans, it was found that the substance was cocaine and it was around 80% pure.

The police said that they believed it was going to be sold on the European market, although it was not confirmed how it would have gotten there from the shopping containers.

They did, however, confirm that the cocaine was isolated and did not come into contact with any Nespresso ingredients or production items anywhere along the production line.

A Nestle spokesman said: “While offloading a green coffee delivery at our Romont factory on May 2, 2022, we discovered a suspicious substance.

“We immediately reported this to the authorities and an investigation into the matter is underway. The entire shipment was blocked and seized by the police as part of their investigation.

“We have strict quality controls in place for green coffee arriving at our warehouses right up to the finished product.

“The substance in question did not come into contact with any of our products or production equipment used to make our products.

“As a police investigation is underway, we cannot share more details.

“We want to reassure consumers that all our products are safe to consume.”

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