’Shame on your party!’ Radio host erupts at Labour MP in heated tax cut clash

Iain Dale clashes with Labour MP over tax cut promises

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Labour Shadow Justice Secretary Steve Reed claimed Conservative leadership candidates were in an arms race to come up with the most outrageous things they previously could not afford to implement. Mr Reed argued back and forth with radio host Ian Dale over the tax cut promises. The Shadow Justice Secretary discussed how Rishi Sunak increased national insurance and how it has caused Britons to pay the highest rate of personal tax in the last 70 years.

Mr Reed told LBC: “All of the candidates as you say a vast majority of them are promising unfunded tax cuts.

“That amount to something like £320b, that’s just over four days…”

Mr Dale added: “No that is complete fiction, and shame on your party for doing this, because what their doing is they’re saying well if Nadhim Zahawi promises tax cut A.

“Rishi Sunak promises the same tax cut, what that’s doubling…”

Mr Reed said: “What they’re doing is, they’re engaged in an arms race to find out who can find the most outrageous things that they couldn’t afford to do.

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“The polar opposite of what they’ve been doing for the past few years.

“So all of them voted for the increase in national insurance contributions, which have made a significant contribution to leaving us with the highest rate of personal taxation in this country for 70 years…”

Mr Dale added: “So you’re in favour of tax cuts then?”

Mr Reed said: “While they’ve been hiking up tax cuts on working people they’ve been telling us they’re in favour of cutting taxes that’s like someone punching you in the face whilst telling you they’re against violence.”

Mr Dale said: “Which are you? Because you can’t be against tax cuts and for them… That seems to be what you just said.”

Mr Reed said: “The point that we made about national insurance contributions when they were hiking them up, was it wasn’t fair to target working people with tax cuts at a point where the cost of living crisis was gathering….”

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There are 11 MPs currently in the running to become the next Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party.

Mr Tugendhat said: “I am committed to reducing the tax burden on people and businesses across the UK. It’s great to see colleagues following my lead in arguing for a reversal of the National Insurance rise.

“And only by cutting the cost of fuel which is hitting drivers in their back pockets can we drive down price.

“Tax cuts cannot be the only round in the magazine to fire growth in the economy.

“A 10-year growth plan will include both targeted and sensible tax cuts along with other measures to stimulate investment, creating jobs and investment in every part of the UK.”


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