Joe Biden using shorter retractable stairs to board Air Force One after stumbles

All Joe Biden’s embarrassing falls

Joe Biden is now almost exclusively using shorter, retractable stairs to board Air Force One after repeated stumbles on the plane’s steps raises questions about his health leading into the presidential election.

Two of President Joe Biden’s advisers have privately acknowledged the intentional move to steer the 80-year-old to the now-frequent use of the shortcase, according to a report from Politico.

This is to ensure easier travel for the president and to minimize the chances of him stumbling or falling again.

The previous staircase to board Air Force One was 26 steps, but the new shorter one now being used by the Democrat consists of just 14 steps and folds into the plane.

The president is continuing to use the taller staircase to make grand entrances from Air Force One when he arrives in various countries throughout the world.

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But he is now reportedly taking the shorter staircase to board the presidential plane more often since falling on stage last month after tripping over a sandbag.

The White House, which has continued to bat away fears over President Biden’s health, has not officially acknowledged accommodations are being made.

Last month, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the president using the shorter staircase during an in-flight chat aboard Air Force One.

Bloomberg’s Justin Sink highlighted that shortly after he fell over a sandbag on stage a couple of weeks earlier, the president started using the retractable stairs.

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He said: “If it’s to address – you know, he’s had a couple of incidents falling on the stairs getting up and you guys just decided it would be better for him.”

Jean-Pierre responded by saying that she didn’t have “any decision process to walk through”, before adding: “I’m sure there’s a protocol that’s used for the – for Air Force One. I just don’t have it.

“I mean, you guys see the president every day, when it – to speak to – when you – when we speak to mobility.

“The president always says watch him. You know, he was a – this was a president – let’s not forget, he went to a warzone country in Ukraine and did that in a way that was incredibly effective.

“The world got to see him out there and meet with President Zelensky. And I think that’s incredibly important.”

She then pointed to the medical report the White House sent out about the president in February.

Biden took the White House hot seat from Donald Trump in January 2021 but just two months later, he suffered embarrassment when stumbling up the staircase to Air Force One as he prepared to fly to Atlanta, Georgia.

In February of this year, he once again stumbled up the steps as he prepared to leave the Polish capital of Warsaw.

But further humiliation followed in early March when he stumbled as he boarded the aircraft en route to Selma, Alabama.

And in June 2022, the president got his shoe stuck in his bike’s toe-clip hole in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, causing him to fall over sideways in front of a crowd of onlookers and reporters.

The most recent stumble was last month when he tripped and fell over a sandbag on stage at the U.S. Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremony in Colorado. A confused-looking Biden was quickly helped to his feet by security personnel.

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