Boris Johnson will hand over Covid messages after they are recovered from phone

Boris Johnson has announced that he will hand over all his old messages to the Covid inquiry despite claims that he was trying to hide them.

A spokesman for the former Prime Minister has said that experts have recovered messages from his old phone which he had forgotten the password to.

He had stopped using the phone while Prime Minister for security reasons because the number was well known in Westminster, Whitehall and beyond.

Conspiracy claims had suggested he was trying to hide the truth from the Covid inquiry being chaired by Baroness Hallet, a senior judge.

The Government had gone to court and lost in a bid to be able to decide which messages from ministers and former ministers including Mr Johnson could be sent to the inquiry.

In a statement today, a spokesman for Mr Johnson said: “Boris Johnson is pleased that technical experts have now successfully recovered all relevant messages from the device. As repeatedly stated, he will now deliver this material in unreacted form to the Inquiry.

“The Inquiry process requires that a security check of this material is now made by the Cabinet Office. The timing of any further progress on delivery to the Inquiry is therefore under the Cabinet Office’s control.

“It was always the case that Boris Johnson would pass this material to the Inquiry and do everything possible to help it be recovered. A careful process approved by the Inquiry has been followed to ensure that this was successful.”

More to follow…

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