Carrie Johnson’s dating history as she celebrates wedding with Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson and Carrie are set to celebrate their wedding at a billionaire Tory donor's house this weekend, it has been reported.

The party was originally meant to be hosted at the Chequers residence, but those plans were scuppered when the Prime Minister was accused of using the event to try to prolong his time in office.

The Johnsons held a low-key wedding in May 2021 when they secretly got married with just 30 guests, only announcing the news afterwards. However, the couple are planning to celebrate with friends this weekend.

But when did Mr Johnson meet Carrie, and what was Mrs Johnson's love life like before Boris?

When did Carrie and Boris first meet?

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Carrie Johnson (nee Symonds) first joined the Conservative party as a press officer back in 2009 when she was 21 years-old.

A year later she was working on Boris Johnson's campaign to become London Mayor in 2010.

However, although it's likely this is when they first met, the two were not together at this point.

Boris was still married to lawyer Marina Wheeler, with whom he shares four children.

Fast forward to September 2018, Marina left Boris, having accused him of having an affair with another woman.

By 2019 it was rumoured Boris was living with Carrie in her home in Camberwell.

Carrie Johnson's relationship history

Carrie's ex-boyfriend Oliver Haiste, who now runs a business exporting whisky to China and the Far East, has previously described his relationship with the Prime Minister's new wife as "tumultuous".

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Haiste said: 'I found when times were good with Carrie they were great – they were fantastic. When times were bad they were awful."

He continued: "It's the most up and down relationship I have had."

Haiste described the end of their relationship in 2010 as "upsetting" and "not particularly amicable".

Before Boris, Carrie was with another politically minded man: ex-boyfriend Harry Cole, political editor of the Sun.

It has been reported the pair dated for a couple of years but any relationship that might have existed came to an end in 2017.

Carrie's life with Boris Johnson

Having made their relationship official in 2019 during Boris' plot for Tory leadership, the two received a lot of media attention.

On June 21 2019, police responded to a distress call from a concerned neighbour over loud noises coming from Carrie's flat, with "screaming, shouting and banging" being heard from the street.

No action was ever taken.

In July 2019, the pair bought a house in Camberwell worth £1.3million.

Later the same month, Boris Johnson was voted in as Tory leader and the new Prime Minister, ousting Theresa May.

Carrie was pictured with his family as he arrived at Downing Street.

On February 29 2020, shortly before Covid restrictions started, the couple announced their engagement and that Carrie was pregnant with their first baby, a little boy called Wilfred.

The newlyweds now have two children together after the arrival of Romy in December 2021.

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