‘Are you kidding me?!’ Ukrainian MP erupts at Sky News’ Mark Austin over war crimes probe

Ukraine: MP Kira Rudik fumes at Sky News host

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The Ukrainian MP lost her temper after Mr Austen raised allegations that Ukrainian troops have been shooting and mistreating Russian soldiers captured in Ukriane. Ms Rudik asked the presenter “are you kidding me?” after Mr Austin argued “shooting people after capture” was not in accordance with the Geneva Convention. 

The Ukrainian MP told the Sky News host: “Are you talking about Geneva Convention to me about people who, who killed women and children correct women in front of the children.

“You’re talking to Geneva Convention to me. Are you kidding? Are you kidding me right now?

“The world is watching how we are dying and talking about Geneva Convention!

“Maybe you should call Putin and talk to him about the Geneva convention!”


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