Polychain Capital and Coinfund secure $350M for new crypto funds

Polychain Capital and Coinfund, two prominent cryptocurrency investment firms, have reportedly raised a staggering $350 million for their respective new crypto funds. The substantial capital infusion highlights the continued investor interest and confidence in the cryptocurrency market.


Polychain Capital Crypto VC Firms Raise $350M Amid Declining Funding for Crypto Projects.

Leading venture capital firms Polychain Capital and Coinfund have raised an impressive total of $350 million for their latest cryptocurrency investment funds, according to recent reports. Polychain Capital achieved a significant milestone by garnering $200 million in its “first close” for its fourth investment fund, while Coinfund surpassed expectations with a noteworthy $152 million raised for its fourth seed fund.

The successful fundraising endeavors of Polychain Capital and Coinfund are a testament to the enduring interest and resilience within the crypto industry, even as venture capital funding for crypto projects has experienced a consistent decline over the past year. 

Notably, Polychain Capital, currently managing around $2.6 billion in assets, has set its sights on a total fundraising of $400 million for its new venture. However, the firm recently made strategic adjustments to its research team in alignment with its evolving investment priorities.

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Coinfund Exceeds Fundraising Goal, Attracts $27M Amid Crypto Resurgence

Coinfund also emerged triumphant, surpassing its initial target of $125 million and attracting an additional $27 million due to a renewed surge of interest in the crypto sector. 

Despite an overall 76% decline in venture funding for crypto and Web3 startups compared to the previous year, Coinfund’s exceptional fundraising achievement signifies a revitalized investor confidence in the industry’s potential. The cautious approach by venture capitalists towards new investments can be attributed to the challenges faced by prominent projects within the crypto sector. 

Instances such as the collapse of Do Kwon’s Terra Money ecosystem and Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX have prompted investor retreat and a heightened level of scrutiny across various investment fronts, except the flourishing artificial intelligence (AI) industry. 

Investors have poured over $12 billion into the AI space since the beginning of the year, racing to capitalize on its promising potential. These funds will play a pivotal role in supporting startups and innovative projects within the crypto ecosystem, driving progress and expansion in the industry at large.

Overall, the news of Polychain Capital and Coinfund raising $350 million for new crypto funds highlights the strong investor appetite for the cryptocurrency market and signals a positive outlook for the industry’s future growth and development.

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