Musk Commits To Making Twitter Files Public Post Dorsey’s Contention

If there’s one person we can count on for making the headlines on a daily basis, it’s Elon Musk. With his recent acquisition of Twitter, firing employees, reinstating controversial Twitter accounts, and facing accusations of promoting white supremacy, he’s been in public attention for possibly all the wrong reasons. 


Musk continues to face criticism for all of his recent actions. The latest person to publicly challenge him comes off as a shocker to all. The co-founder Jack Dorsey has challenged Musk in his recent reply to Musk’s tweet. This feels unexpected because in the past Dorsey has said that Elon Musk is the only right person to lead the company. Let us look at what compelled him to challenge Musk. 

J. Dursey Raises Allegations Against Musk 

Elon Musk celebrated the publication of exclusive emails that illustrate part of the internal conversations at the social media firm regarding a contentious decision, made in 2020 before the US Presidential elections, to censor an article by the tabloid, New York Post, about material retrieved from a laptop purportedly owned by Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden. These were termed Twitter Files. 

These discussed Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine. Twitter had claimed at the time that it had removed the story because it violated its “hacked materials” policy. The odd thing about this is that Twitter made the decision on its own to stop the item from spreading, without any influence from a political party or intelligence agency.

This was addressed by Jack Dorsey in a recent tweet. He claims that Musk should just share everything without a filter and let people judge for themselves if the goal is transparency to build trust. This includes all talks of the present and upcoming course of action. In addition, Dorsey claimed that by granting unrestricted access to all the material, users would be able to independently verify all the facts and form their own judgments. 

In response to Dorsey’s request, Elon Musk said that data was hidden and some of it may have even been deleted. However, everything they discover will be made public. 

Musk has boldly stated on the platform that he would duly release everything that he finds and create an atmosphere of transparency. But only time will tell if he will follow through on this.

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