FortuneJack Set to Launch Tesla Giveaway in August to Reward its Loyal Users and Gamers

FortuneJack, a blockchain-based online gaming platform, announced today it is holding a gaming competition to boost user acquisition on the platform.

As per the announcement, FortuneJack’s gaming competition will start on August 16 and is expected to run for the next 30 days. FortuneJack will use this competition to distribute rewards to its loyal users and reportedly help enhance the blockchain gaming experience of the platform.

Notably, the competition has a wide selection of games, including Sportsbook, live casinos, probably fair games like dice, among other casino games. The competition will be held through weekly challenges series that will take place during the weekends. Gamers participating in the weekly challenge will stand a chance of winning a variety of prizes, including a brand-new Tesla Model 3. 

While commenting on the giveaway, Boris Kiknadze, FortuneJack’s CEO, explained:

“Users can also enjoy the anonymity and cheap financial transactions that blockchain and crypto offer, ensuring anyone with an internet connection can participate.” He added: “The launch of the “Tesla Model 3 giveaway” will welcome new gamers, online gamblers, and crypto enthusiasts to the platform as it continues its growth across the online gaming world. Through the giveaway, participants will enjoy the platform’s security and fairness, build trust with the developers with the gaming structure meaning that winning or losing is solely dependent on the gamer.”

To participate in the competition, you are required to wager $20 on the selected games. Each $20 wager will get the gamer a raffle ticket to the draw.  

In addition to the Teslas, FortuneJack also plans to reward the top 20 online gamblers, including top highest wagers, highest ins, and highest multipliers. The first-place winner will get $2500 plus 700 raffle tickets; the second-place winner will get $1000 plus 400 raffle tickets, while the third-place winner will get $500 plus 200 raffle tickets. The remaining 17 winners will receive free spins and raffle tickets which will be usable to play more games on the FortuneJack platform. 

FortuneJack Casino was created in 2014 and is designed for both novice and experienced gamblers. The casino seeks to transform and disrupt the world of online gambling by using the most revolutionary technologies. FortuneJacks hopes to take part in the estimated growth of the online gambling industry, which is expected to surpass $112 billion in the next four years.

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