Customers of Relai Can Now Buy BTC Via

Relai – a Swiss bitcoin app – is joining hands with to allow all its customers to purchase mainstream digital currency tokens like bitcoin and Ethereum.

Relai and… A Perfect Match?

The move is slated to improve crypto adoption and give the space a stronger level of legitimacy. is a global payments provider that works with companies around the world to ensure their customers can buy goods and services utilizing multiple payment options regardless of where they’re located.

In addition, Relai is now reportedly the only company centered on bitcoin that is offering instant transactions via wallets owned personally by whatever customers utilize its services. Julian Liniger – CEO and co-founder of Relai – explained in a recent statement:

At a time when it’s increasingly important for people to have control over their money, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with It’s an exciting moment for the whole Relai team and means we finally have achieved our ambition to build the world’s easiest bitcoin app. People can now buy bitcoin instantly and 24/7 with direct delivery in their self-controlled wallet. That’s a world first.”

Esteban Sadurni – director of crypto and digital assets at – also mentioned:

 We are technologists at heart and have been supporting the crypto industry for several years. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Relai supporting their mission to make bitcoin easier, simpler, safer, and more accessible for everyone using our payments technology.

The partnership is not so much focused on allowing customers to purchase items and services with digital currencies. Rather, Relai is taking on more of a crypto exchange-like form as it will permit customers to purchase assets like bitcoin with various payment methods including Mastercard and Visa cards, along with Apple Pay through

All transactions will occur in real time, so customers will not have to wait days or even minutes to see their assets placed in their connected wallets, and transfers are set to occur within mere seconds. Another clincher is that trading is available to users 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and there are no breaks in service times.

Crypto Can Grant Financial Independence

Relai has long sought to give its customers full and complete control over their money, which is why it’s turning to crypto in the long run. Through the world of traditional finance and standard banks, one is often subjected to prying eyes, third parties, and middlemen that have a say in what can and cannot be done with one’s cash.

This ultimately eliminates autonomy, and customers are often subjected to the rulings of outside observers before they can engage in transactions or take part in monetary activities. Through crypto, transactions can at least remain semi-private, and all assets are owned directly and thoroughly by the investors that hold them.

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