Chingari, Listing Its GARI Token On OKEx Exchange Platform

Chingari has had quite the year, but it seems that 2022 will be even more exciting for India’s leading social platform. It is listing its token, the $GARI for sale on the OKEx  exchange.

Chingari, whose user growth has been nothing short of miraculous in the last year, counts its active user base at 32 million monthly users, and this is still the infancy for this popular platform.

The token sale gives users the opportunity to hold a stake in this fast growing social media platform.

What is Chingari?

Chingari is a video streaming platform, similar to TikTok, however it leverages the blockchain to reward its ecosystem of users and content creators, in a way that is not possible in the centralized media world.

Smart contracts are deployed every time a user creates engagement with the the content creators, including liking, watching and sharing their content.

This model creates a snowball effect, where influencers build up a strong follower base and followers have more to gain by using this platform.

The model works on the Solana blockchain, with users getting $GARI tokens deposited into their accounts.

Meanwhile, content creators who retain ownership over their videos, are rewarded for the engagement they generate and they can also sell NFTs and other assets in their own Chingari merchandise stores.

What is the $GARI?

The native token of the Chingari platform was launched late last year at a special dinner party hosted by the platform’s famous ambassador, Salman Khan. It’s first success was seen through its IDO which raised millions in a very short time.

Now the token will be listed on OKEx and will be available for its South Asian users, including those who live in  India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives.

The token will be listed at a starting price of 0.2 $USDT per coin on the Jumpstart platform.

The sale will begin at 04:00 UTC on Jan 18, 2022. Users can purchase a minimum of 1 token and a maximum of 7,500 tokens and once the sale is over, users can then start listing their tokens on the exchange and start trading it against other crypto pairs.

According to Chingari’s CEO Sumit Ghosh, “Chingari is bringing the web3 revolution to the creator economy with its $GARI token.

$GARI will enable 30 million monthly active users of the Chingari Short video app to get on-chain. For the first time in the history of blockchain, an app will onboard millions of users on-chain from the day of its launch.

The Chingari and $GARI teams and the entire community are super excited about its launch and listing on OKEx!” 

Those who have used the Chingari platform will understand just why it is becoming a social sensation and may want to consider taking part in the OKEx sale.

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