BAYC Launches $APE Token

Today, on March 16, 2022, Bored Ape Yacht club introduced their coin $ApeCoin after many rumours that they would launch a token.

The following reads on the recently launched ApeCoin Website:

BAYC confirmed that ApeCoin is owned and operated by the Apecoin DAO. In their decentralised organization, each token holder gets to vote on the governance and use of the ecosystem fund. The only requirement to be part of the Apecoin DAO is to hold the Apecoin token.

The Apecoin Twitter page has confirmed that anyone that wants to trade the coin can begin trading on major exchanges very soon. The announcement will be made via their official Twitter account.

FTX and Huobi confirmed listings of the token soon after the tweets.

Upcoming listing on FTX: $APE spot and perpetual [email protected]
Listing details:

New Listing on #Huobi! 🔥

👏 $APE @apecoin

Deposits open
Trading soon after 👇

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