Mt. Gox Extends Deadlines, Again

Top Two Mt. Gox Creditors Pick Repayment In Bitcoin

MtGox Investment Funds (MGIF) and defunct crypto exchange Bitcoinica, two of the largest Mt. Gox creditors, picked Bitcoin (BTC) as their preferred repayment option. The other options available to creditors include repayment by bank remittance, early Lump-Sum repayment, and repayment through a money transfer service.

The decision from MGIF and Bitcoinica likely dispelled fears of a market dump following the Mt. Gox payment. If the pair had chosen a non-crypto repayment method, the defunct Bitcoin would likely have to liquidate a huge chunk of its BTC holdings to match the fiat request.

Currently, Mt. Gox has around 142,000 BTC, 143,000 BCH and 69 billion yen owed to creditors after the exchange was hacked in 2014.

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