Sold Out in 23 Mins after Public Mint, Age of Z 1993 NFT Surpassed 45 ETH in Trading Volume

It has been a record week for Age-of-Z (AOZ) 1993 hand-drawn NFTs. A week after AOZ public minting took place on 15th December 2021, the decentralized utopia with encryption-inspired NFT Trades has surpassed 45 ETH, approximately $184,565 with a ceiling price at 4.8 ETH.

Age-of-Z (AOZ) is operated by Metaverz Studio, and is an early movement that harnessed the power of indivisible tokens (NFTs) to create a decentralzied community living in and out of the metaverse. With a rich backstory inspired by Eric Hughes’ 1993 ‘A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto’, owners of the 1,993 hand-drawn profile pictures will collaborate together to build a self-sufficient digital world and reclaim their autonomy.


In AOZ’s roadmap, the team plans to bring all 1993 citizens to life with artificial intelligence (AI) and independent personas so holders can communicate and build connections with their AOZ through claiming NFT souls. Holders will also be able to create derivatives of their citizens after the launch of community creation features. The community can also help govern and explore new opportunities for holders to use their NFTs to engage in DeFi and gaming. A liquidity pool will be launched to stabilize the price of AOZ NFTs. The liquidity pool comes from 5% of sales.

In Q2 2022, the team will create the Metaverse of Decentropolis, launching AOZ gamefi. Decentropolis is constantly being invaded by aliens that want to destroy the peace and tranquility of our city. AOZ citizens need to unite their powers to defeat these villains and rebuild the AOZ world. Exclusive Interactive City setting with NFT avatars will be presented with a massive Multiplayer experience.

About Age of Z

Launched by Metaverz Studio, AOZ a first-of-its-kind PFP project that embodies the spirit and values of the Gen Z community: inclusivity, privacy, and free will. AOZ is comprised of 1993 hand-drawn “Citizens,” each with a unique set of futuristic traits and attributes. AOZ citizens are metaverse natives who are dedicated to building a self-sufficient, autonomous, and harmonious world in which innovative and collaborative systems are promoted to defend privacy. The AOZ metaverse is an inclusive and decentralized community that’s part cyberpunk, part contemporary art.

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