Yorkshire Tea fans rage after ‘finding fewer teabags in boxes’ – for same price

Yorkshire Tea have found themselves in hot water after buyers claimed they were being shortchanged with the number of teabags in a large pack.

Buyers say they have been picking up their normal box of one of the nation’s favourite tea brands, only to get home and notice the pack a little light.

Buyers aren’t happy – and have complained on social media to brew bosses. They claim their normal box of 240 bags has been reduced to 210 – but remain the same price.

One, named Wiggy, shared a picture of his lacking pack and jokingly tweeted: “When the economic problems hit your essentials #210 #shrinkflation #whathappenedto240”

And another unhappy customer, going by the online name @stopthecoup , added: “ @YorkshireTea when did you reduce a 240 box of tea bags to 210 but the price remains the same? #shrinkflation #rippedoff.”

Another tea lover @LozB17 tweeted: “Hi @YorkshireTea , just been to the supermarket to replenish tea supplies and your 240 bag box seems to have shrunk down to 210 bags… Do I need to reuse 30 bags or something…?”

Hordes of tea lovers liked the tweets, wanting answers but tea bosses say they aren’t to blame.

The company say they have zero control over the cost of items on the shelf and merely respond to demand from buyers.

Replying on Twitter, Yorkshire Tea wrote: “Hello! Different retailers sometimes ask for different box sizes – and the price should reflect that, so 210 should cost less than 240. We don’t control prices on shelf, though, so please do ask the shop if you’d like to query that with them.”

And the company are not the only ones under-fire accused of shrinkflation.

Chocolate giants Cadbury’s has slashed the size of its family-size bars of Dairy Milk by 10%.

The confectionary company revealed it would be “passing on rapidly rising production costs to customers”, and said inflation is to blame.

Bar sizes have gone from 200g to 180g, and comes as the UK faces the worst cost-of-living crisis in 30 years.

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