WWE legend Hulk Hogan downed 15 beers a night in his mad wrestling diet

WWE and WCW legend Hulk Hogan necked 15 beers a night for decades while downing prescription pills and performing as the world’s No1 wrestler.

The US sporting icon also functioned on little sleep for huge parts of his 40-year career as he felt the pressure to be the face of the firm as wrestling became a billion dollar business in the 1980s.

The WWE icon, 69, only ditched booze for good six months ago – and has now lost almost two and half stone.

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Hogan, inset, said: “The pre-match meal was probably three Miller Lites and two Tylenols and the postmatch meal was 12 Miller Lites. That is how it was.

“I would start out and eat 12 fried eggs in the morning, two hamburger patties, oatmeal – and everything had butter on.

“My engine was burning so fast. I was wrestling 400 times a year. I wasn’t aware that I was not educated about the quality and quantity of food. I was just hungry all the time.”

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Hogan now eats healthy grub after ditching sugar-packed produce “to reduce inflammation”, he told Men’s Health Gym & Fridge.

He added: “I changed my whole lifestyle. I feel great. A little bit of pain makes you alive.”

Hogan had many career highlights during his career across WWE and WCW.

However, one of the standout moments of his career happened on this very day (July 7) in 1996.

It was on this night on WCW Bash and the Beach that Hogan shocked the world by turning heel for the first time in his career.

With a huge swerve by leg dropping Macho Man Rangy Savage, who the crowd thought he was coming to help, he joined Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to go on to form the infamous NWO.

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