WW3 warning: Iran may become nuclear powerhouse to rival US in the Middle East region

Iran could be 'pushed' by US to make nuclear bomb says expert

World War 3 fears have been reignited as an expert warned that in the future Iran may attempt to build a nuclear bomb to stave off the US in the Middle East. Dr Pupak Mohebali, an expert from Iran International, owned by Volant Media, explained the many reasons Tehran may want to build a nuclear bomb. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Dr Mohebali insisted that the nation wanted to be recognised as a strong nuclear power and nation.

She added this reputation could also be used as a deterrent for other countries in the area as well as to the US.

Dr Mohebali said: “Some might say that Iran is about to obtain nuclear bombs for various reasons.

“For example defence against foreign powers or for regional power and dominance.

“Others believe that Donald Trump has been threatening Iran with military action and has actually pushed the Islamic republic towards making a bomb.

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“There is another reason that is just as important.

“Apart from all these realistic reasons that Iran might need a nuclear bomb to defend itself, there is also the matter of identity.

“Iran wants to be recognised as an equal power among the other powers in the region and the world.

“They want to be seen as an equal nuclear power not just having a nuclear bomb.”

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She continued: “For example, Pakistan, they called their nuclear bomb an Islamic bomb, this was something to unite the Islamic nations.

“That can be another reason for Iran, to give Iran that privilege.

“Also a nuclear bomb could work as a deterrent to other countries in the region or the US won’t even think about attacking Iran in the future.

Dr Mohebali has also warned that Iran’s quest for more nuclear material or a nuclear bomb could cause instability in the Middle East.

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She noted that US allies in the region may call on the western superpower to intervene.

This could ultimately spark a conflict in the region as Iran has insisted that it does not plan to reduce how much Uranium it acquires.

She said: “It definitely won’t help to establish peace and stability in the region.

“This is because there is rivalry among the surrounding countries.

“I believe acquiring more Uranium could make things worse”

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