World's coolest McDonald's sees diners eat onboard an abandoned PLANE – still kitted out with cockpit & propellers | The Sun

CUSTOMERS can enjoy their food inside an abandoned plane at what is possibly the world's coolest McDonald's.

Tucked away in a small town in New Zealand you'll find one of their restaurants attached to a decommissioned DC-3 troop transport.

Diners can enjoy their meals inside the cabin of the Second World War era Douglas DC-3, also known as Dakotas, which fits 20 at a time.

They can even inspect the original 1940s cockpit, which has been preserved behind a glass door.

The food has to be ordered from the main restaurant next door, but with ten tables on the aircraft, there's plenty of room.

The plane, which has been given a brand new coat of paint and emblazoned with the McDonald's logo, has sat in its current spot for over 30 years.


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It had sat next to the already-established Maccies branch in Taupo for 24 years, before the owners decided to extend their seating and convert the plane.

According to Insider, it used to advertise a car dealership, the Aeroplane Car Company, but was purchased by McDonald's in 1990.

The franchise owners, Eileen Byrne and her husband Des have owned the unique branch since 2000 and told Insider that it has become a hugely popular hotspot for tourists.

"We got a lot of publicity from all over the world and our locals are very proud of it. It has become a landmark here in New Zealand."

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The quirky McDonald's owners even added an Instagram-worthy area beneath the nose of the plane where visitors can take photos.

Eileen said the line of tourists queueing up to take snaps is "constant", and the plane has been featured in travel brochures, a Japanese tourism video, and on Chinese TV.

The plane has been well preserved for visitors, although its engines were removed.

Next to the cockpit, preserved and separated from the dining room, customers will find a storyboard which tells the history of the plane.

There's even a playground for children nearby, with a stairway leading to the plane's tail.

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