Woman ‘gang raped’ in Spanish hotel horror as 6 tourists arrested after ‘ambush’

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    A group of tourists have been arrested after an 18-year-old alleged she had been raped by multiple attackers.

    The German woman claims the attack happened on Thursday afternoon in Playa De Palma, Majorca in a man’s hotel room.

    The six suspects, also German and aged between 21 and 23, are expected to testify before a judge today, as reported by The Mirror.

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    Five of them were arrested some hours after the woman reported the rape to the authorities. The sixth alleged perpetrator who initially tried to evade police was arrested later that day.

    The woman, who had been on holiday with her friends had been at Palma Beach with a man, 20, who she had met on the island.

    The woman walked back to the man’s hotel, but when they arrived at the room, there were another five young Germans who were drinking.

    The woman said she tried to leave but the group would not allow her to go. She alleges that some of the men raped her while others watched. The woman then reported the incident to the hotel's receptionist who alerted the authorities.

    She was taken to the Son Llàtzer hospital.

    Agents of the Family and Women's Care Unit of the National Police have launched an investigation.

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