William had ‘stable environment from Middletons that he didn’t have growing up’

The Middletons "provided a stable family environment for Prince William when he didn't have that growing up," a royal expert has claimed.

Brittani Barger, deputy editor of Royal Central, told the Daily Star that the family of his wife left an indelible mark on the future king that "cannot and should not be ignored."

William and Kate Middleton met as students at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. They got engaged in 2010 and married the year after.

"Obviously, The Queen and Prince of Wales have been a huge influence on him and guiding him, but one can't forget the Middletons," Barger said of the prince, who turns 40 today, June 21.

She went on: "They provided a stable family environment for him when he didn't have that growing up and allowed him to just be 'William' and not the future king.

"They've been in his life for close to half of his life so their mark on him cannot and should not be ignored."

The William of recent months is one we haven’t truly witnessed before, the Mirror reported.

A commanding Duke who appears to stand on a level playing field with his father, sharing decision-making, who is reportedly outlining his preferred style of monarchy one day, with fewer staff, without the formalities of titles, bows and curtseys.

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Barger said William's personality has helped him become the "in-touch royal" he is today.

"Prince William has been careful with how he has taken on his royal role. He knows what he is passionate about and has taken the time to really figure out what he wants to focus on as a working royal and future monarch," she said.

"He didn't dive head first into being a working royal after university. He took his time and tried to live as normal a life for as long as he could, which I think has helped shape him into the in-touch royal he is today."

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