Why the world is stunned by this single picture of Australian bridge

Why the world is stunned by this single picture of an Australian bridge – but locals say the scariest feature is hidden from the photo

  • A woman shared a photo of Brisbane’s Gateway Bridge
  • Commenters around the world said it looked dangerous
  • Locals said the bridge’s scariest feature is its $5.07 toll 

A woman’s photo of popular bridge in Brisbane has shocked thousands around the world who said they’d crash if they had to drive over it.

Gold Coast woman Wendy Martin shared a snap of Brisbane’s Gateway Bridge, in the city’s east, to Facebook last week with more than 2,000 comments saying the road looks warped.

The bridge features six lanes in each direction with angular streets lights giving it a tunnel-like illusion.

However, commenters were less than impressed with the unique bridge and said the strange design could be dangerous.

‘This makes me want to cry and be sick at the same time,’ one person wrote.

‘The road that screams at you “you’re drunk!” while you’re driving,’ another said.

A photo of Brisbane’s Gateway Bridge (above) raised alarm with commenters around the globe claiming it looks dangerous

‘It’s like someone did a bad panorama of the bridge,’ a third commented.

A fifth said: ‘It looks like it’s twisted.’

Another wrote: ‘Is that normal or it broke? Somebody help I can’t understand what I’m seeing.’ 

‘It looks like the aftermath of an earthquake,’ another said. Ms Martin also admitted she was shocked by the photo but reassured viewers it was not edited.

She explained she was trying to get a photo of the sunset when she snapped the odd shot. 

The original bridge was opened in 1986 with a duplicate opened in 2010 to cope with increased traffic flow.

At it’s highest point the bridge stands at 64.5m high.

Thousands of commenters (like above) said the bridge looked ‘twisted’ and ‘broken’ with some saying they’d crash if they had to drive over it

Several Brisbane locals under Ms Martin’s post assured people around the wold the bridge isn’t as scary as the photo makes it looks, but instead claim its worst feature is the $5.07 toll.

‘The only anxiety people should have over this wee bridge is the price to cross it. Now that’s a nightmare!,’ a commenter wrote.

‘It doesn’t look that trippy in real life, the worst thing about this bridge is the cost of the toll,’ another said.

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