Who was Captain Tom's wife Pamela?

SIR CAPTAIN Tom has been an inspiration to Britain throughout his life and continues to be as he fights Covid.

But behind closed doors he dealt with his own tragedy when he lost his beloved wife Pamela.

Who was Captain Tom's wife Pamela?

At the age of 33, Pamela, who was from Gravesend, married Tom when he was 48.

She was working as an office manager for a roofing company in her home town, and Yorkshire lad Tom was working as salesman.

Speaking about how they met, Tom previously told The Mirror: "As it so happened, the office manager in Gravesend was a rather attractive young lady – she looked terrific to me, like a model – so I had to do various trips and, shall we say, the ­attraction with the office manager became stronger and I eventually married her."

The happy couple went on to wed in 1968 and they went on to have two daughters, Lucy and Hannah.

When did she die?

Twice married Tom described his second marriage to Pamela as a "happy time".

But sadly Pamela’s health sadly declined when she was in her 60s and she was diagnosed with dementia.

Tom cared for his wife for a couple of years, until she was moved into a care home, but she passed away in 2006.

Captain Tom then went to live with his daughter, Hannah, and his grandchildren, Georgia and Benjie, in the village of Marston Moretaine in Bedfordshire.

Who was Captain Tom's first wife Billie?

In August 2020, Tom spoke about how his marriage to first wife Billie was the "darkest period of my life," and that the mental health problems she faced would be better understood today – but this was not the case in the 1950s.

The pair got married in 1949 – despite hardly knowing each other and Tom just getting back from fighting in the Second World War.

The Captain said in his autobiography, Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day: "We were happy enough to begin with but, looking back, I realise that the first few months of our marriage were as good as it ever got.

"Things in the bedroom weren't right between us from the start.

"The marriage was unconsummated."

He also admitted that the marriage was too "impulsive" and soon felt like he had sunk into a deep hole and couldn't get out.

The couple went on to have their marriage annulled.

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