Who is 'psychic' Jason Rothwell and did he help find Nicola Bulley's body? | The Sun

NICOLA BULLEY'S body was discovered in the River Wyre more than three weeks after she disappeared.

The mother-of-two was spotted by two passers-by, who were pictured with the police at the scene.

Who is Jason Rothwell?

Jason Rothwell is a psychic medium from Oldham, Greater Manchester.

He claims to have helped police recover the remains from the river Wyre less than a mile away from where the missing mum was last seen. 

Rothwell was pictured on February 19, 2023, pointing towards the reeds where he made the discovery.

He explained his reasons for being at the scene on TikTok.


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The psychic said: "As has obviously become apparent, yes it is myself in the images in the media currently circulating relating to the case of Nicola Bulley and yes, yesterday morning it was myself and a friend who reported and assisted the police in the recovery of a body from the river Wyre.

"Such as it is it would be inappropriate of me to discuss in any further detail anything we may know about that body at this time, considering a formal identification of that body has yet to be confirmed."

Did Jason Rothwell help to find Nicola Bulley's body?

Rothwell and a friend said they reported the finding of Nicola's body a mile from the bench where her belongings were found.

He did not confirm whether or not he knew that the body was that of Nicola as he released his video.

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What happened to Nicola Bulley?

Nicola Bulley disappeared on January 27, 2023, after she dropped her two children off at school.

The 45-year-old vanished in St Michael's on Wyre, Lancashire, at around 9.15am on January 27.

Her body was found at around 11am on February 19, 2023, near Rawcliffe Road.

It was said to have been on the edge of the river when first seen by members of the public.

Police said yesterday the death was being treated as "unexplained".

Pressure is now mounting for an independent inquiry into Lancashire Police's handling of Nicola's disappearance.

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